Big Team still not working...

Maps fail to load (H4/H3 especially) & games are still ending early before they are finished, way to go…seven patches in, 3 months later, & they still can’t load maps from 2007 old-gen. “The power of the Cloud.” =/

I’m having problems with BTB as well… Search times take a while, and I played a match of H3 CTF on Rat’s Nest that ended early with a score of 1-1. Also, whenever I play BTB on H2A Bloodline and get in the hornet, the game starts to lag.

Not to mention every game in BTB is still ending up 4 vs. 2 after one minute because there is no penalty for quitting out, which everybody does. Either that or they betray & get booted over & over. Turn friendly fire off, sick of spoiled brats betraying because they didn’t get the sniper. Start the game 8 vs. 8 too, this is BTB, not Social Slayer. Do you know how boring Containment 4 vs. 3 is, because that’s how it ALWAYS ends up. Master Joke Collection. Can we get the maps to load after these still long search times, please? How are maps still failing to load after a 5 minute wait or games just suddenly end halfway through this many patches in now?

Can’t find a game…

I have played several games at full teams every time I’ve played today. I dunno what’s happening with yours, but this patch has been working great for me.

Can’t play halo ce anymore, still can’t play halo btb. so sad.
So do you still get kicked out of the lobby at the end of the game? I hope that is fixed because that ruins map selection.