Big team slayer pro

I’ve been reading alot of negativity in the forums about slayer pro for alot of different reasons and personally i like the addition to BTB. It seems to be getting voted on alot so im guessing there are alot in the community that feel the same. I would like to hear some of the reasons why people like it. For me it feels more stealthy/up close and personal. I read in one comment that “its just a dmr feast” which i think couldnt be more wrong. If thats the style you want to play or get killed by then yes. I like to stick to buildings and tunnels and short burst in the open in slayer pro. Sneaking up that big ridge in settler taking out the dmr guys cause they have no radar is always fun. Thats the fun for me is to learn and practice different types of combats which only helps on other game types. But i do also understand the “just give me my sniper rifle on ragnarok” too. Just would like to hear some love for slayer pro so it doesnt go anytime soon its a nice mix right now.

I do not like the changes made recently to BTB including the addition of Slayer Pro.

I prefer using my own loadouts, The maps are so large the “pro” settings seem out of place, losing a 1 on 1 battle because I get team shot from multiple directions or splattered by a ghost that I would have been easily able to avoid if I had a radar is frustrating and there always seems to be one guy that resorts to camping.

In a 4v4 situation I find it ok. There are less players to take into account, fewer if any vehicles to worry about and smaller maps with fewer lines of sight and pathways to travel.

Pro shows up in the voting options way to much. Just tonight I have been put into multiple lobbies where all three options are slayer pro. Throw join in progress on top of that and it just makes the situation worse.
I cant stand being put into a lobby of all Slayer pro choices, quit before the vote because I don’t want to play it then get put back in the same or similar game due to join in progress.

I like to play BTB for maps like Ragnarok and Exile with use of my own load outs and vehicle play. It just seems way to many lobbies I have been put into lately are lacking these choices. Slayer pro on complex is nothing like regular BTB on a map like Vortex or Longbow. If the largest vehicle on the map is a ghost it just isnt BTB IMO.

I am not saying do away with it all together but it needs to be toned down. Pro was added to gives us variety, so give us the variety of an option. It should never give you all three options as the same game type. Its bad enough I feel the number of decent maps all together is lacking but getting put into a lobby and not even having the chance at a regular BTB game is really detracting me from this game.

I don’t like Settler, I think its the worst map to ever grace a halo game. It might be ok for 4v4 or objective games but not 8v8. The repetitive map control of take the hill or get picked off on spawn is just not enjoyable. All that map is, is grenade spam and charge the single narrow corridor for control of the high ground. Where is the variety in that? Maybe if the ridge was not up against the side of the map and not forcing play from limited directions it would be different.

Before the latest changes to BTB I could play for hours. Play countless games on Ragnarok, Exile, Longbow, and Vortex. I would even suffer through a Settler match here and there. Now all I am seeing is Complex, Meltdown, Settler, and mostly slayer pro to add insult to injury.

It has ruined what WAS my favorite game type.

big team is toilet. I hope it makes more players venture into the better objective playlists instead.

I think Pro is a good addition, as vehicles now, at last, get a look in. I think that it could be better if these changes were made:

  1. Enabling the Motion Tracker.

  2. Adding more vehicles to maps like Complex and Settler.

  3. Having power weapons on hard spawns, on a timer.