Big Team slayer pro..needs work.

It’s a step in the right direction, but there are some glaring issues.

Slayer pro in halo 4 looks to be trying to restore some original halo game-play, with a lack of armor abilities and set weapon loadouts.

But this isn’t good enough. In big team, the lack of a motion sensor just creates a cluster -Yoink- of assassinations and back flanks, it’s great in 4v4, but big team no. It’s supposed to make you play more intelligently, with a level of situational awareness stripped away, but in big team this doesn’t hold true; especially on maps like vortex and complex which have a ton of nooks and cranies and avenues to run around and flank people.

There was a way in previous halo’s to adjust the range of the motion tracker, I propose you keep in Pro, but reduce the range of it, so you could retain your awareness at close range, but allow a mid-range element of stealth at the same time.

In a perfect world this game-type would be altered to the following:

Weapon spawn choice- Assault rifle with two frag grenades, for Big Team battle rifle.

Rifle weapons spread on map along with grenades of all types. Power weapons placed appropriately along maps with a plasma pistol on each side of the map for each team for anti-vehicle.

Everyone has stability perk to bring flinch more in line with previous games (none.) and De-scoping added when hit.

In 4v4 slayer no motion tracker, add it albeit reduced range in big team pro.

There are more settings to add the make this better but these are the BIG ones I want and miss.

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