Big team slayer map Scrapyard Headquarters

Here is a map that ive been working on for sometime called scrapyard. It is on boneyard and the basic description is that its a isloated Scrapyard when the covenant invaded.

The map is asymetric.

Playable game types:
Big Team Slayer

Photos: Loadout screen Red Base Blue Base Bridge Overlook Overlook fight sniper pearch

Map download:

Im contemplating taking out the rocket hog and the warthogs at the bases and adding a warthog just in the middle. I added 2 ways to get up to the sniper pearch. I changed a few ammo mags. The only thing i need to update for shure is I need to delete a spawn that is outside the map.

If you have any thing that you think should be fixed then just tell me because this is a map that i feel could maybe be in MM so when I feel its ready Im gonna send it to Community Cartograhpers.

Thanks for looking at my map!!!

I can’t tell what you even did to the map to be honest.

If i still had reach, id download it.

your blocked off to only the 1st phase lol

Its like if boneyard was a team slayer map not big team because its like only half of the area looking at the pictures.

yeah i updated the map its just a regular slayer map