big team slayer issues

not sure if this is the right place for this. but the people who create the updates for the game need to look into this. How come in Big Team Slayer, you cant join in with more than 4 people in your party? ever since call of duty and alot of other shooter games have come out within the last several years, halo has been on the back burner of wanting to be played. but i find myself liking the new Reach game. but your options are still limited. they need to get with the new game era in my opinion? Dont think im bashing halo at all. it was a remarkable game when the first two came out. Im just saying we have made some progress in shooting games and i think halo has been a bit slow at keeping up.

Are you sure? That doesn’t sound right. Double check it and actually try to join with more than 4 people.

When you encounter this issue, are you in Arena 4 v. 4 or Team Slayer?

I’m pretty sure in all of the the Competitive playlists you’re allowed join in with one party that has enough for your team and the other team. So basically you can fill up an entire game with your single party. Arena, as angel suggested, should be the only one with a party limit.

Double check to make sure the party size isn’t restricted to 4?

I’ve gone into big team games with 16 people.

Yes, that could also be your problem. You may have set your own party size to no more than 4. To change this, go into active roster and select your lobby and you should then be able to change those settings.