Big Team Ranking odd

Hey guys, this isn’t a complaint and I’m just curious to know how people are ranking in Big Team Battle. In my first 10 games I went 8-2 and either at the top or towards the top of scoring every game I played. I thought for sure I would rank Diamond maybe even Onyx depending on how many people got the update as fast as I did. I ranked Platinum. Just curious what you guys normally rank and what you ranked for BTB.

I had the same record and got the same placement. Not too happy, figured an 80% win rate would be worth more.

Placements rank you relative to how well you perform against your teammates, winning/losing isn’t everything.

I went 10-0 because I played with my friends who are pretty exceptional. As a result of being in the middle or so of our leaderboard most games, I was placed in plat as well. Don’t look too deep into it, just grind into diamond if you’re good enough.