Big Team - Objective modes and teamwork

So far I have really enjoyed Halo 4. I got it at midnight release and have played for 4+ hours every day since, almost always with at least 5 of my friends.
What we have begun to notice is that Big Team Infinity slayer is getting really boring. It’s the same few maps over and over again, and the lack of any variation in maps or game types is beginning to get tedious. Not only that, but there isn’t any real incentive to work as a team anymore, aside from moving in small groups to do more DMR damage.

Simple Fix.

Give us back Big Team Battle. Take out the ordnance drops and give us some objective games. That way we will have some variety and won’t constantly be dying to power weapons. We will also be rewarded for playing as a party of 8. Map control will be important again, so will spawn trapping and teamwork.

Big Team Battle was my favorite part of Reach. It was awesome to play an objective occasionally, and I think that something Halo 4 is missing is the same emphasis on teamwork that has been present in Reach and H3. There isn’t really any purpose currently to control the map as there are no power weapon spawns (excluding things like initial laser on Ragnarok, I think an objective would really change this, both the map control issues, and the teamwork one.

Teamwork was, and always should be the best part about Halo. It’s what allows the awesome community we have. I could instantly talk with and be friends with the people I met at the midnight release. People play Halo because it is different from the other FPS’s, teamwork is part of what makes it different.

So please 343i, you say you want to listen to the community, here’s your chance to do it.

If you have any thoughts or improvements on my suggestion, please post them. If you hate it, post that too.

Thanks for reading.

Morepork you have a very valid point playing slayer with way to many power weapons gets boring very quickly hopefully there will b an update very shortly

I absolutely agree OP. One of my favorite gametypes in Halo 3 and Reach was Big Team Battle because of the awesome CTF and Assault matches. BTB doesn’t have to be objective all the time obviously, but objective games usually makes people play as more of a team which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

morepork i completely agree with you, i play online with you often and you always raise valid points (: