Big Team Mash Up Butchering

So I don’t know if anybody has noticed with Halo the Master Chief Collection that the big team playlist seems to only feature (by feature I mean the only maps to get voted) Halo 3 valhalla, avalanche, and Halo 4 maps. Say what you want about Halo 4, I personally thought it was the worst game in the Halo series (to 343’s credit the campaign was good, I’m only speaking about the MP aspect here) but while all the Halo 3 maps mentioned here are great maps, playing them over and over and OVER again gets really annoying. I have heard that 343 will be checking the forums soon so I hope they see this. I really wish that we could see more Halo CE maps and Halo 2 classic maps…also I don’t know if this is just me but I have never played Sandtrap in matchmaking. I have seen sand tarp, but no Sandtrap. I really would like to know why or just put this in game. Also a final thing addressing the Halo CE playlist…why are there no motion trackers? I’ve played it on PC a good amount and most servers there have motion trackers, also why 2v2? 4v4 is way better. One last thing relating to CE what happened to boarding action and Chiron Tl34? I know these maps are quite random but they make for some extremely fun and interesting matches. Please 343 read this and consider adding those maps and doing something with the big team playlist.