Big team heavies

Hello, good morning, it would be great, if you made a warzone style game mode of halo 5 Guardians or like in the other halo (Big team heavies), where in this one appear, pelicans, phantoms, falcon’s, banshee’s, scorpions, wraith and the new halo vehicles, a mega battle on a large map of 50 vs 50 or 25 vs 25, and they are already on the map, powerful and this type of vehicles

I think a big big team style mode would be great fun.
Something to really give you the sense of a huge war.

I think a lot of the issues with Pelican’s & Phantom’s is actually making the map big enough and giving players a reason to use those vehicles and players a way to counter those vehicles too.

I’d like to see just a higher player count for some of the big team modes. Not even a giant map, something with enough safe space but never too far from the action.

A lot of people have been asking for more players I’m all for it it’s time halo has a big mode maps the size of battle field and player count please 343 industries we need something new after how many games something new and still keep the other main halo game modes!!

Yes, it’d be great. I know there will be a problem with that aspect of giving reason to use them, and how to confront them, but for that reason there will be classic weapons to counter. 343 you will know how to order it and do it, a mega map would do no harm, even just one.