Big Team games take 5-6 minutes to "find Spartans"

It’s taking a good 5-6 minutes to start a Big Team Battle match, and I’m not exaggerating. The music stops and everything, and it still said “searching for Spartans”. Warzone doesn’t seem to be affected, nor do non-BTB Arena modes. It’s been like this for several days now.


5-6 minutes? Right now that would be a blessing.

I “played” from 12-6am today and got a total of 11 matches out of that time. The rest of that time was “Searching for Spartans” followed by UNABLE TO FIND MATCH - There may not be enough players. Please try another playlist. All playlists!

Only started two days ago and only starts after midnight but for somebody who only really starts playing after midnight it has meant I’ve barely been able to play the game the last two nights.

They’ve changed the way that regions are connecting to their own servers. Unfortunately as a side effect if the local player population is not of a sufficient size you can’t get a game at off peak hours.

I for one am not amused (despite my “hilarious” comment!).

5-6 min,
whoa! If the music stops then there is something wrong with ur halo 5