Big Team Exile

I’ll try not to rant too much, but I find that every time I search in Big Team Infinity Slayer, 90% of the time, if Exile is an option, it WILL be played. And since the removal of Crimson DLC, Big Team is like, all I play now. And that means Exile is all I play.

I don’t have too much of a problem with Exile. I don’t think it’s particularly bad, but I get really fraustrated when I play it like 9 times in a row.

Now I know everyone must love it (for some reason I can’t personally see - what is it, the fact its the only map with a scorpian?) which is why it gets voted for. Every round. But I think it should be reduced in the amount of times it appears in the map selection process.

I’ve completed most of the UNSC ordnance, so when I spawn into a game to find all the inital drops to be weapons I’ve already completed and then most of the ordnance choices to be rocket launchers or SAWs, it does wind me up as if I were playing on say Vortex or Meltdown, I would be getting binary rifles or scatter shots.

Again, I’m not saying the map is bad, it’s just it gets voted for way to much compared to the other maps, and it would be nice to play on another map for once. I like to play games where both teams don’t run for the same vehicle each and every time.

Hopefully you can understand my point and give this post a thumbs up, so 343 will see this and make the necessary reductions. I’m not saying remove it, I’m simply saying to calm it down with Exile.

tl;dr Exile gets voted for too much. Reduce the amount of time it appears.

Yeah seems to me that Haven was reduced in Infinity Slayer 4v4… I have an issue with Exile because of where the Gauss Hog spawns.