Big Team Battle - Weapon and Vehicle Scarcity

Hello guys I have been playing Halo Infinite since the very first flight. One major issue I noticed even during the initial flight was the scarcity of weapons, namely, the “mid to low tier weapons” such as BRs, Commandos, Pulse Carbine and such.
Now what I mean is that they do not respawn fast enough (please note I am not talking about the pseudo and real power-weapons), I would frequently go into a match unable to re-coup a comparable weapon and thus not being able to engage in ways that I would prefer, this isn’t as much of an issue in smaller maps, but in BTB it becomes very apparent as the AR and Sidekick do not have the range capacity to engage targets like the BR/C and PC. I would personally like if those mid-tiers would respawn faster, also to actually have ammo for the AR/Sidekick in locations. I can’t remember if this is the case, but I do note that you can usually find extra ammo at the place you’d get a mid-tier or post gun fights due to players dropping them to swop or after their deaths.

Another issue I find is the vehicles or I guess mid to power tier vehicles do not rotate in enough, specifically things like the Scorpion and Wraiths. I see that the ghost, chopper and air vehicles seem to come around often enough but I find that the tanks (and potentially equivalents like the Mantis do not show up.

My personal suggestion for the vehicles would be to have them come in at the very latest at half-time and as an adage if they could come in during half-score (when a team has reached 50% of the winning score, or of course 66% for the relevant modes like CTF and Power-Seed).

Honestly, I see a good amount of people saying it’s taking too long and they never really get to experience the tanks or even air vehicles as often as other Halo’s in the past.


Ridiculous. BTB Heavies should be available by default by now. Why keep us waiting every Halo? The whole point of BTB is to play with power weapons and vehicles. If I wanted to run around with a BR the whole time, I’d play 4v4. Give me a sniper or a decent vehicle all the time.


Exactly this. BTB Heavies has always been popular, so I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t add it to the game. And now with Halo Infinite’s default BTB being so lacking in vehicle play, Heavies is more necessary than ever.


I still have yet to see a single Wraith or Scorpion.


Right. Why can’t we have a gametype where everyone is in a Scorpion or Wraith? Why did we never get space battles like in Reach campaign? THIS is “next gen” Halo? LESS vehicles?


Weapons seem fine other than random spawns.

Vehicles are way underplayed though. Seems like air vehicles or tanks just don’t show up at all in some games/maps.


Unless I can choose to spawn with a sniper instead of fighting with people for it, I don’t consider the weapons “fine.”

are you being sarcastic?

If you are my point is that base level weapons on the map need to respawn faster, tanks need to come into play earlier in matches instead of when the games going to end in a few seconds

Have you actually played Halo before? BTB is always full of trolls that fight over the damn sniper. We should be able to just spawn with one. If I wanted to run around with a BR all the time, I’d play 4v4.

Is this your first Halo?

Put around 4000 hours on Reach, 100% MCC achievements, and hated H4-5. BTB Heavies and Multi-team have existed since Reach, but 343 keeps screwing those fans.

So the ones this company makes. Yea man the game isn’t for us. I am honestly debating getting MCC and playing that since I never got it on PC.