Big Team Battle: The Thread


I assume this will be addressed in a Day 1 patch type of deal and I understand that parties getting into BTB never really needed squad indication before, so it’s kinda new ground. But with a larger player count and bigger maps this needs to solved pronto. Because of Battlefield (good luck to that one, btw) I naturally look past the ‘blue berries’ for my green boys, please help a brother out.


Wassup with the Hornet? Favorite air vehicle due to its co-op nature. Some like the Vietnam War styled Falcon and I’m cool with that, too. But above all, I need some elephants in my life. That can be destroyed. But that brings to mind something…


If these maps are the new default scope of Big Team Battle, what does a ‘big’ BTB map look like now? Maps on the larger side were things like Sandtrap and Containment. For an Elephant to work we would need a large map and I’d like to see that on Infinite’s scale. Then again the scale of Warzone maps are probably about there. Maybe smaller than those, really.

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