Big Team Battle.....The Disappointment

My first impressions of Big Team was great at first we would have a nice playlist and it wouldnt be -Yoink-, hell we had forgers to help make the maps everything sounded positive.

Now that I’ve played the maps and got a good feel of how they play, I feel more disappointed in this than I felt in for the Campaign, at least in the Campaign we could recharge shields when we sprint…I could understand why its not in most of the “Arena” styled playlists. However in the middle starting up your sprint if you are shot, you lose your spring moment start up and cancels out your sprint and then your a -Yoink-ing sitting duck waiting to die because not only when you sprint do you lose your shields but it resets the cool down as well.

Basin was just terrible, its so wide open with no the engagement rate insane you could still spawn on a enemy player that just as they walk by.
Most of the match your trying to recover your shields more than you would be shooting. All the engagements are one sided in wgardening toolver stumbles across the person with the lower shields because of the lack of cover.

Guillotine was by far decent. With Sprint and Thruster pack speed up tho Red Team spawn has the advantage of being able to get to Blue Team’s invisibility, Banshee, and Rocket Spawn as soon as Blue team gets the sniper and having more cover in general when it comes to capture the flag. However Red Team has a huge advantage and its not fair to Blue Team even with them having the Mantis being a sitting duck with Spartan laser in clear Red Team view.

Deadlock is a pretty balanced map and doesnt have much bad with it other than Gungoose’s sitting on top of both sides of the map raining down rockets on eve and besides that great job and balancing.

While last but not least Recurve seems to be pretty balanced both teams seem completely balanced except for one fact that the Tank is basically a no go to run to since its slow and seems to be at abit of a loss for cover, why not replace it with the Mantis?

Overall Halo 5 has potential to be better than past Halo games with armor abilities and spring, but it needs some of the old magic back. Mainly shield recovery while sprinting. Which was never a bad thing since we are pretty easy to kill, with no much to survive with only one thrust pack dont see the harm in making it like evade since all you have to do is make the cost of thrust packing 50 percent in options and leaving everything else alone.

couldn’t disagree more. shields shouldn’t recharge while sprinting and basin is the best map.