Big Team Battle Stockpile

Now that BTB is fixed we can move to the topic that was a huge problem and that is Stockpile.

This game mode is such a yoink yoink beep beep -Yoink!- show. First team that actually loads in on time and springs to the seeds to toss them all back wins instantly. I RARELY see a game go 2-3 and usually goes 3-0. It needs to go and I would say the amount of leavers when it loads up is telling.

I kinda like Stockpile. The only problem is that every power seed is at one spot, so the team that controls that spot already got a point. It would be more fun of the seeds where more distributed around the map.

I think the Power Seeds should be spread out in specific areas of the map, maybe two in each spot instead of being dumped into a large pile on the battlefield.

I alone, can bring 3 Seeds (5 seeds was my best) at one time back to base on foot as long as a team mate or enemy doesn’t get in the way.

Grab Seeds from the pile and throw them towards the route you’re taking back to base. Constantly move forward and keep throwing and then pressing X as you pass over a Seed on the ground and keep throwing and picking up over and over. Me and my buddies call it “tossin seeds”

I’m agree that throw away seeds is a problem, it’s too easy

Stockpile became my best game mode, I really love it

Agree that the power seeds should be distributed across the map to avoid the massive cluster at the start of the game.

Ya id rather they do death match and CTF stockpile can be over in seconds like im not there for a quick in and out I wanna fight for a good amount of time and it’d be nice if a tank spawned at are base at the beginning of the match with a banshee or wasp like I come to BTB for vehicles and big battles not for a quick win or lose like if im the only one getting the cores while I fight and entire team while everyone screws around im not going to waste my time

No one to hardly anyone even plays the objective and its just a huge waste of time because no one wants to juggle seeds apparently. That is why most the games are 3-0’s. It’s not fun in either regard.

I see enough people playing the objective. And i think most of my stockpile matches end in 3-1 or 3-2. The ones that end in 3-0 is not because of people not playing the objective, but just immense inbalance between the teams.