Big Team Battle still broken as of June 2022

I haven’t played Big Team Battle for a while now because it kept bugging. I tried to play today, and 2 games out of 3 never loaded. What’s up? They haven’t fix their issues yet? Seriously, are you purposly doing everything you can so people hate and spit on your game? Is this some sort of social experiment? Many people are on the verge of just giving up on this game and the whole Halo franchise, and it feels like nothing is done to try to keep everyone aboard. We were 13 to play in my group, and before january, we were only 2, and now I am alone.

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What do you mean, what’s broken with BTB? Works fine for me. Is there something specific?


You might want to toss in a support ticket. I don’t get that problem and you’re the first I’ve heard of having that issue yet on these boards.


Ive had no issues either. Sure, games load in slowly, but, and there are instances, on my end, of rubber-banding, but overall, ive actually been enjoying it.