Big Team Battle or Warzone

Do you miss the simplicity of Big Team Battle in the older Halo games? Or are you into the objective based warzone games? Let’s find out what the Halo community thinks

I don’t see why we can’t just have both. We need a social playlist anyway.

I enjoy Warzone but it needs better balancing and more maps.

It can never beat BTB though for pure Halo fun

Yeah both OP. I like Warzone it’s a great new mode and I also love BTB and can’t wait for it’s arrival soon. I am looking forward to more and more modes being added pretty much everything in Halo is great.

i have not played warzone in a while. if the team you get stuck with does not go for NPC bosses and treats the game like team death match it gets real annoying. cant wait for BTB to be back.

both actually

My previous experience with BTB are ones full of endless lag issues and the classic problem of spawn/run/run/die/repeat. Warzone is significantly less laggy in my experience to date and there is less spawn/run/run/die/repeat because there are boss battles to get involved in and vehicles you can spawn yourself. I’d like BTB back in the playlists for sure but I’m not hugely bothered, prefere 4v4 game types.

Personally I prefer warzone, objective games give me something to work for. However BTB does provide classic halo fun.