Big team battle not fixed yet?

We are now September 6th, and BTB still hasn’t been fixed. Every single week that I need to play Big Team Battle for challenges, it is a nightmare. I get disconnected or I get booted out of the game with a message down my screen: WAITING TO JOIN… and sometime it brings me back in the game, sometime it does not. I am playing on Xbox Series X, and no, I do not have any problem playing other online games, including MMOs. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN DOING 343? Every single post about anything related to Halo Infinite on any social media, it is people pointing their fingers at you and laughing at the awful job done with this game. EVERY SINGLE POST. Some people lacked the aptitude to handle a crisis in your studio and it shows.


Have you submitted a ticket to try and get your problem fixed?

I’m also on Series X and haven’t had that problem.

It sounds weird that it’s only happening in BTB?

As for the challenges - you can do most of them outside of BTB. And probably faster.

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I was refering to challenges that forces you to play in BTB like last week, 30 kills in BTB, and this week, THE YAPPENING Event. No I haven’t submitted a ticket for this because I am not alone having those problem, but I will try anyway…

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I only have issues if I alt tab out of the game before it starts on rare occasions. Maybe it’s not a large scale bug perhaps?

I’d send a ticket for support


I sent a ticket, they will forward the information to their dev team. Heard that one so many time before, man every time I play this game, I quit while being frustrated. I’m starting to hate this game so much that I don’t even enjoy the old Halo game anymore. This is a crap show. I keep deleting everything I write on there because there is too much hate, I’d get insta ban.