Big Team Battle NEEDS more Attention...

Hello All and 343,

I am quite satisfied with Halo 5 but I’ve always enjoyed and preferred BTB over the other multiplayer game modes within the Halo franchise because I like to party up with friends and family which tends to exceed 6 players. With that said, I feel as though BTB is not getting the attention it deserves as far as introducing new maps and game modes to Halo 5. This past update introduced Fiesta as well as Grifball and Assault. I am happy with Fiesta and Grifball but for some reason, I expected Assault to be apart of BTB. Assault has always been an essential part of BTB and I found myself quite upset over this. I don’t speak for everyone but where is Offense/Defense/Neutral Flag?? I enjoy Flag as it is but Offense, Defense, and Neutral Flag, or Assault, would definitely make BTB more interesting. There are 6 maps dedicated to BTB which is not necessarily a bad thing but the map rotation gets very repetitive. In some cases we’ve played the same game mode and map 2-3 times in a row. This really hinders our enjoyment of playing BTB. Maybe the team can incorporate some user Forged Maps the Halo community has created. I know there are tons of them. You did this with Breakout in February. And please, don’t suggest playing a custom map and game mode. We want to play other players whom we don’t know and have to friend. Its more authentic when its made and created by 343 in matchmaking.

Again, I am truly a die hard Halo fan and supporter. I believe this is the best Halo since 2. Keep up the good work and acknowledge the legit concerns associated with BTB. Thank You.


343 already got you guys covered :slight_smile:

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> 343 already got you guys covered :slight_smile:


Now if they add some classic maps like the Chill Out and Warlock remakes into team arena (as well as Zanzibar and Bloodgulch remakes in BTB too) It would be even better! I am VERY happy with the added maps though :slight_smile:

Just a small question, does anyone think they should add btb heavies?

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> Just a small question, does anyone think they should add btb heavies?

I would LOVE that!

> 2533274881525835;5:
> Just a small question, does anyone think they should add btb heavies?

YES, but im afraid these btb maps arnt spacious enough for vehicle warfare. Which sucks imo cause that’s what btb was all about. Sandtrap was amazing for btb cause you had all these selection of vehicles to use and enough space for them. Even warzone feels a tad bit crowded and small for vehicles. The urban map is spacious but not really vehicle friendly.

Thanks for the update 343. My friends and I are really enjoying the new community maps added to BTB. Now, lets keep them for awhile. Great Job!