Big Team Battle maps

Big team battle is one of my favorite game modes in Halo, or any game for that matter, and There have been some great maps in past Halo games : Valhalla, blood gulch ect… So the fact that there aren’t any 343 developed BTB maps in Halo 5 is disappointing to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, the forge maps that the community has created are very impressive and fun to play on ( Mad props to forge creators), But it would have been nice to see some some high quality developer made maps as well. But the wierd thing is I haven’t seen a lot of people bringing this up all that much. Is this even something that the average Halo fan cares about? Or has Warzone replaced the need for dedicated, non forge, BTB maps for most people?

H5 BTB maps are too small.

People were talking about this months ago, back when BTB maps were a lot more plain, in terms of aesthetics and details, than they are now. Personally, I’m under the impression that 343 has shifted their attention away from making BTB maps to focus on Warzone, a game mode that’s not nearly as good as it was hyped up to be in my opinion.

This would have been a good topic a year ago… Still nice to see people voice their opinions though. I still have the same feelings about no Dev made maps for my FAVOURITE gamemode. There are some good maps like Altar (Sandtrap remake) and Viking (Valhalla remake) but there are some BTB maps that are just awful (looking at you Antifreeze). Also the presence of ADS ridiculously increases automatic weapons ranges and allows for people to shoot with AR’s across the map. Warzone won’t and never will replace BTB. At least BTB is actually in the game. The same cannot be said for KOTH, Oddball, Juggernaut, Ricochet and VIP :frowning:

The complaint of no developer made maps really shouldn’t be made any more. ever since the BTB refresh BTB is great. I don’t care who made the maps as long as the play well and look good which the BTB maps now do.

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> H5 BTB maps are too small.

Yeah, any map I can cross in half a minute of sprinting is kinda on the small side. Give me a map with long sight lines and lots of room for a vehicle to roll around without getting snagged in debris.
Basically bring back Blood Gulch, I guess…