Big Team Battle is still a shadow of what it was

Big Team Battle still needs some serious work for it to come close to how good it was in the past games.


  • All weapon spawns were equal.

  • All vehicles had set timers and spawns.

  • All equipment and grenades were there always.

  • Objectives didn’t jump around favoring one team over the other.

Now when each game starts I have to run around and keep a mental note of where things are. And half the time I honestly don’t know or care because it’s BS.

Tanks, ghosts and gungooses should all spawn normally on maps.

Maps should have variants so that way we know what is spawning before hand and that we should generally know where things are, e.g it’s a scorpion or wraith and BR or commando maps.

Slayer should go to 150 or 200. With 12v12 the games feel fast in comparison.

Also some maps. You could double the maps and it would barely suffice. But the same could almost be said for the 4v4 maps too so nothing new.


Also STILL NO BR STARTS FOR BTB?! Why in a playlist designed around massive maps do people think its fun camping weapon pads? 90% of BTB has devolved into that because its the only way you stand a chance.


I’d even be willing to try commando starts,

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It’s funny. People whined and complained about Halo 5 not having btb then 343 decides to focus on it this time and this is how it comes out.

Aside from the maps being forged halo 5 plays better in btb because it follows the traditional formula you stated above.

Halo 3 btb will always be my favorite tho. Vallhala ftw


YESS. I want to try commando starts sooo bad. We finally got a prescision automatic unlike the AR. And it’s hard to use. I tried camando and sidekick starts in a custom and it feels refreshing and fun unlike the stale overdone Br

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Idk who’s great idea was it to put AR sidekick starts. It’s literally why people camp the weapon spawns. That and the challenges

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I honestly don’t mind the randomness of it all. I think the more frustrating aspect of it is that currently… there’s no way to have the classic experience. There shouldn’t be any issue with 343 putting a BTB playlist alongside the current one that has the classic formula. Power vehicles spawn equally at each base, BR/Commando starts, etc etc.

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btb reminds me of halo 4. Everyone just has random stuff and run around like headless chickens. do people really enjoy this? they fixed btb and the populatiion didnt realy change on steam so no one was really missing it.

I love it, I plan on playing more tonight. But I agree that the biggest glaring problem With it currently is that weapons aren’t fairly distributed. It’s absurd to give one side a hydra and a sentinel beam And a BR and a shock rifle, and the other a ravager and needler and commando And stalker rifle respectively. I shouldn’t have to explain how one side is massively better off in that equation.

The next big hurdle is getting BR starts because we really do need that in a BTB setting

Or as someone above said, Commando starts might be interesting. Anything besides AR starts

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I’d be okay with the randomness if the randomness were mirror. If A side gets 3 BRs, B side should get 3 BR’s.


I don’t think 343 focused on it. It largely feels slapped together with little play testing.

The idea of a pelican dropping off vehicles sounds cool but in practice it is iffy. There are many times I’ve seen the tanks end up upside down after the pelican drops them, leaving people frustrated that they may have initially got in the vehicle but are thrown out and someone else gets it.

Additionally we got 3 maps… Two of which are too small for a tank to properly navigate the terrain. And the controls suck as well.

We probably aren’t going through have any decent maps until forge comes out.

I no want BR starts.

Yea I also like grabbing a commando, br or stalker rifle and literally getting a free killing spree I’m btb too.

The biggest detraction from Infinite’s BTB is how the maps are so big, but the vehicles are so few. Considering how massive maps like Fragmentation and Deadlock are, having just 2 goose 1 Hog per base which naturally spawn are too few!

Even if you load these babies up with full loads of Spartans, you’re still leaving 5 players who has to hike it on foot. And never mind lack of starter vehicles, there aren’t even any “neutral location” static Vehicle spawns to attract players to a location to fight over it.

What BTB needs right now isn’t Vehicle drops, it’s static location Vehicle spawns, preferably at least a Chopper for each team on spawn, and a Wraith/Scorpion somewhere in the middle of the map so people contest over it. Highpower is already fine due to their static Wasp spawns.

The best places to put Wraith/Scorpion spawns would probably be the Loot Caves on either side of Fragmentation. Have the Ramp-door for the loot cave relocated from above the cliff face to below, and it leads to a Hanger which has a Wraith/Scorpion waiting and it drives out of the Hanger, exiting the loot cave facing the middle bunker area. (power equipment spawn bunker)

For Deadlock, have the Wraith/Scorpion static spawn be right smack in the middle of the canyon-valley separating the two bases. This means it’s a huge risk to “race” for the tank because both bases can train their Shade turrets on the occupant of the tank, which gives more incentive to also use these Shade Turrets to control the LoS instead of just having some fool camping it and aiming at their forward outpost. (where the 2nd goose/ 2nd flag spawns)

I feel like 343i mainly need better maps. It’s like most of the BTB maps are too samey and lack variety. Look at Zanzibar for exampled…it’s a smaller map but it breaks up the map to feel unique and the same goes for Headlong. When I play the BTB maps on Infinite I felt like I was constantly playing similar maps and the battles kind of felt a bit underwhelming or 1 sided. At no point did I feel like I was making a difference in the game and that was disappointing.

That would be horrible, it would just be a bunch of pot shots from across the maps, you wouldn’t be able to move at all.

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Bungie basically treated BTB like 4v4 but bigger, 343i (even going back to Halo 4) treat it like a more casual and random mode. If you like every match playing exactly the same or you want a more competitive BTB experience then Halo 1-3 were more your style, but if you like more crazy and whacky experiences then Halo Reach (yes I know Bungie made Reach, but has same sort of style) to Infinite is more your cup of tea.

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Exactly. BTB needs to be more chaotic and fun, if its just a regular 4v4 but with 12 people, it gets kinda boring. I do kinda agree that vehicle spawns are kinda weird as they currently are, but maybe the bigger vehicles should spawn in at game start. I dont really mind the random weapons, it changes the way we have to play rather than play the same way every single time. Also gungooses and ghosts should spawn with the regular vehicles and not be a pelican drop.

I second this sentiment. Some BTB games are fun, since the latest update it seems games have become less fun. I don’t know how it’s statistically possible to have positive KDA in over 50% of matches and yet lose more than 50% of matches (and I seem to be one of the few who go after the objectives).

Tanks are wildly over powered in some scenarios and in other seem to be defeated quite easily. Not a fan of dropping a 50-50 power weapon like a tank in the middle of a map. If one team is already losing badly there’s a good chance they don’t control the middle and then they lose even more. I would support a dynamic weapon/vehicle spawn to constantly be balancing the game (e.g. if a team is down by 25 they start getting rockets/snipers/tanks until the score becomes closer and then normal weapons spawn).

Weapon parity is also lacking in BTB. If the map has hornets, each team needs a weapon they can get to that can reasonably defeat a flying vehicle that can maneuver like the hornet can. Gone is the tracking for rockets (did the UNSC lose funding?) so the hydra (or surprisingly the sniper rifle) is your only real chance.

Objectives need to stop moving closer and farther from bases unless it’s based on a dynamic system to balance the playing field. If a team is winning, they shouldn’t have power seeds dropped at their doorstep, let them fight for them. So many matches are lost or won by a landslide it rarely feels truly competitive.

Also what happened to the bomb game type? That was a fav

Oh and more maps would be nice

The game is way over controlled, and knowing this was 343"s "vision’ of what a Halo game is. It feels like this is actually 343"s first Halo they ever created.

Seeing how they like to out source there work, I wouldn’t be surprised that it is way MCC and H5 actually released in a much better state. I don’t think 343 has a damn clue on with they are doing and they think there weak at best “live service” is going to save them.

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