Big Team Battle Is Big Boring. Big Miss No Battle Royale

BR has no place in Halo. I would like 343 spend resources on BTB maps and other Arena modes that BR.

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Although I liked big team battle but I think they need a new big game mode that’s never been done in halo because they introduced not that much new game modes.

Not in matchmaking there isn’t, but I can assume people can create their own FFA matches in Custom Games.

Nah man, they can keep that BR crap out of Halo. The only BR I want to see in Halo is the Battle Rifle.

actually BR is crap, they need to fix the XP progression though!

A Battle Royale would only divert resources needed to develop other modes, especially Campaign DLC.

As someone who primarily played BTB during Halo 2 & 3, I have been enjoying the BTB experience. I still have the ability to go play a BR game (Apex, Warzone, etc.), but I do miss the classic Halo BTB multiplayer experience and this delivers. The best part is just playing with friends in a big battle and all the things that can happen. In a BR when a teammate dies they have nothing to do until you respawn them (if possible) or in some cases they have to sit and watch the rest of the match for another 5+ minutes. Halo while not 100+ players like Battlefield is a unique experience that no other game is providing with the larger playing field and vehicles.

BR has no place in Halo, however if that draws new people to the game so be it but it should have its own distinct Halo flavour. I rather 343 concentrate on BTB as it’s been a ton of fun. I would like some form of Halo 5 Warzone back. It would be fun having Red vs Blue vs Banished battling it out.

I think they could introduce a seperate mode such as a br type mode to cater for larger areas.

Im going to agree and say that BTB does indeed feel boring right now. I feel like Halo Infinite in general plays great. But theres something off about it. The progression is definitely boring, the fact that it seems like everything is behind a paywall. Lol BORING.

I feel like im getting a lack of medals vs what ive had in previous titles. The Stats and leadersboards at the end are missing your overall player score you get that you’re progressing on during the game. And is there even a medal chest for all these accommodations? Talk about boring. The lack of BTB maps is probably whats also driving this. But I cant help but feel it wouldnt matter.

This, and the night time big team maps like Deadlock are just badly designed and not fun. Arena has better maps overall.