Big team battle is a mess

Halo 4 has great btb on MCC, the only vehicle that works in H3 is the warthog because the turret is op, every other vehicle is unplayable because of the spartan laser, H4 spartan laser takes longer to charge.
H4 scorpion and wraith are superior to H3 in every way.
H4 ghost is the best in the series.
H4 banshee is overpowered, it has so much health and damage, people who know how to use it can easily dominate the match.
You clearly haven’t played much H4 btb on MCC.
As I said before the problem in Halo Infinite isn’t that vehicles are bad, besides the chopper not dealing enough damage and the banshee having low health, the problem is how and when (almost never) they are spawned.
Also another big problem is the maps not being suited for vehicle play.
btw no friendly fire is there and was also there in H4 (not in heavies) because you often otherwise get killed by teammates that want your vehicle.


Dude the banshee in H4 was awful lmao, go play reach then use H4’s and get back to me. Thing was slower than most c@ncers

Also why would I touch MCC halo 4? When I played the original and saw how much the game sucked, why on earth would I install that -Yoink!- again ??? Halo 4 was bad, in nearly every facet.

The vehicles in Halo 3 were fine if you had the brains to avoid the laser, or monopolized the laser, which was easy to do, same with reach. Chopper dealt heaps of damage in 3, the tank was bad I’ll give you that, halo 3 scorpion was -Yoink!-, but that’s pretty much it. The hornet was busted when it had missiles.

Halo 4 not having friendly fire was one of the reasons I and many others hated that stain on the franchise.

Came in here expecting low quality but only found quality. Every point correct.

Vehicles especially need to be a much bigger presence, not just in the last one minute of the game sometimes. Also AR’s SHRED Hogs way too much.


Learning power weapon spawns rewards good players with game knowledge. Making them random is simply a crutch for bad players.


The RNG litterally has stabbed me in the butt in multiple games where I legitimately have gotten swarmed by about 8 wasps on the enemy team since they keep getting wasps then actually knowing how to maneuver in them quick enough so they can retreat and come back with reinforcements to pester litterally everyone to the point where half of my team left almost at once.

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aaaaand you didn’t play it, you have no idea what you are talking about, I have thousands of hours in MCC H4 btb, easily best btb on MCC.
The banshee is the best vehicle in H4 tied to the scorpion but it can be stronger if it is used by someone who knows how to, stop talking about things you know nothing about please.


You haven’t played much of the game in question so you can’t make comparisons, Halo 4 BTB has some problems like the abuse of the plasma pistol and plasma grenades but most of the vehicles are the best in the series, i have basically stopped playing Halo 3 BTB because of that, Halo 4 BTB is just better.
Also the Halo 4 banshee can really be devastating, but maybe you dont have the “brains” as you said, to use it properly.

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The vehicles themselves in Halo 3 were fine (with one exception), it was the Spartan Laser being completely and utterly busted beyond belief that caused 95% of the problems. The Gauss Hog was the only problem vehicle in the game, and that’s for the same reason the Spartan Laser was bad - it’s a ridiculous semiautomatic player deletion machine.

I would argue that the actual vehicle sandbox is worse in Infinite than it was in 3 because the vehicles are all over the place, while in 3 there wasn’t any combat vehicle that wasn’t worth getting in as long as the Spartan Laser wasn’t hovering around waiting to break the entire game over its knee. In Infinite the Chopper is near-useless and doesn’t even have its super fun ram gimmick any more, while the Ghost is massively over-tuned when fighting against vehicles like Warthogs. Trying to fight a Ghost in a Warthog is insanely difficult for some reason, which should absolutely not be the case given that the Warthog requires two players to operate while the Ghost is a straight powerup for one guy.


I played the original Halo 4, it was awful. Still is awful. I’m not a fanboy of Bungie I couldn’t give a -Yoink!- who made the game, but the fact is Reach and 3 were and still are, far better than 4.

I found halo 4 too easy and stopped playing it too lol, get a handful of kills and get rewarded with a fuel rod cannon and 20 rounds to allow you to curb stomp more enemies aswell as perks like a damage boost. Miss me with that -Yoink!-.

Game was and still is a stain on this franchise.

I want to badly for infinite to be good but the fact of the matter is it isn’t great. It’s better than Cod and BF, but that’s like saying “oh good, I have syphilis, the best of the STI’s” it’s not really a crown you want.

yeah no its not. BTB has always had power weapons for both sides, 1 or 2 vehicles for both sides, and either a power weapon or vehicle in the middle. It was completely balanced and fair.

You newer players dont understand that BTB wasnt actually chaotic, it was controlled.


“I want to badly for infinite to be good but the fact of the matter is it isn’t great. It’s better than Cod and BF, but that’s like saying “oh good, I have syphilis, the best of the STI’s” it’s not really a crown you want.”


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Kiddo I started playing BTB with LAN parties in 2001.

Destroy 3 wraiths" sure. Just let me play 200 matches in hopes to get a wraith to spawn
Hope a enemy gets in the wraith
Hope I have a way to damage it
Hope the pilot doesn’t jump out as it gets damaged


This might sound odd but I feel like the BTB maps in the game weren’t designed entirely for 12v12.


they werent, its glaringly obvious BTB wasnt tested at all. Not enough weapons. AR starts, random weapon/vehicle drops. Glowing neon lights you can see from space. The game is obviously -Yoink!- from the get go


oh then you never got good and never played a big team match online.

You didnt even know the maps were balanced. Whats great tho, is i can see your stats.


With who? 1 other person.

Btb (for good teams) was always controlled. I have no idea where this “Durrr it’s BTB so it doesn’t matter what happens to it, just throw -Yoink!- at a wall and hope it sticks lmao” mentality came from

Good btb is equally if not MORE competitive than 4v4.

But not since Reach. 4-5 btb was -Yoink!-, and infinite is looking absolutely awful

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You win the award for most hilariously wrong post on this forum.

“Good btb is equally if not MORE competitive than 4v4.”

Hahahahahahahahahaha ohhhh man my sides… You guys are hilarious.

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I doubt we’ll get this, but after reading through all the comments in this thread, I think we could really benefit from having a social BTB playlist and a ranked one. Make the ranked one as balanced as it can possibly be and then the social one can just go crazy with modes like heavies and toss it all in.

What separates the two when both teams are even exactly?


Maps are symmetrical
BR starts
Good teams


Same -Yoink!- as 4v4 just with 8 people

People just have this weird circle jerk mentality about 4v4 arena