Big team battle impossible?

I can’t get into a BTB game at all it’s totally impossible, yet i have a challenge for it, this is unacceptable I cannot swap because i’m finsihed with the battle pass and refuse to buy challenge swaps…

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Join the club. Rarely do I connect to a ‘BTB’ successfully. However, cheer up, as ‘343’ are looking into it and a fix should be on the way soon (I’d wager by at least ‘mid-February’ at the latest).

better be done before the week is over i want that visor.


It’s one thing for BTB to be unplayable. It’s another thing to keep giving us challenges based on playing BTB.

Totally frustrating to see it sitting there in my challenge list, but constantly getting “unable to join” errors whenever attempting a BTB match.

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I only had to complete one btb match I finally got it after getting the permanant failed to join bug that requires console full shut down or alt+f4 3 times

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So, you don’t read anything before you type do you? At the Top of Each forum there is a pinned message that is Highlighted. Maybe just maybe you should go ahead and read that before spewing misinformation.

Do you have to be such an edgelord? “MaYbE YoU SHoUlD Go AhEaD aNd ReAd ThAt BeFoRe SpeWiNG MiSiNfoRmAtIoN.” I mean, I literally ‘laughed out loud’ at how edgy your comment was. I was merely giving my opinion based on speculation, “I’d wager by the latest” is an opinion. Maybe you’re the one who should learn how to develop reading comprehension skills before calling others out?

I admittedly didn’t see the pin because I had ‘dismiss this banner’ as an option previously, and as it was just posted today, I wasn’t aware. Relax, bud. I merely said at the latest I’d assume it would be mid-february (since they were going to work on other issues around that time), glad to see they’re going to implement a ‘BTB’ fix sooner.

BTB has been well documented to not be functionally correctly for about a month or so now. For a week they’ve stated that they are planning a fix that’s being cleared by microsoft as we speak within the next few days.

The whole point of pinned topics is so new threads won’t need to be made covering well addressed issues like this though. People getting tired seeing the same subjects being asked over and over again, forcing them to have to weed out topics to find something that’s worth discussing about.

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That’s a fair enough point @General_Fox, but I didn’t create the topic. :man_shrugging: I was merely giving an opinion, and judging by @xThreaTless’ extremely short post history (probably someone’s alt account) they like to post insipid rude comments with an overly petulant twist.

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To be fair I didn’t have as much problems with it till now.

Allegedly the patch is coming out sometime today for BTB. We shall see. Hoping it doesn’t break anything else on accident lol.

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BTB last nite was really bad. Once we got in there was only 2 people on each team. WOW! my first time to see that!!

i want my free challenge swaps i’ve finished the battle pass so i can’t get any without buying more.

They’ll post saying they patched it and then all playlists will function like btb afterwards lol and then the promises begin again…

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