Big team battle events/challenges

It’s time. We need not only big team challenges but big team events. Multiple events. For people who love big team all the challenges and events are getting old. What do you think?

Also, why is there still no battlefield style halo out(dice games, battlefront)?


This season surrounds FFA. I would expect a focus on such game modes or small team modes until the season ends. I would love events that focused on bigger game modes but season 2 aint the time

That’s fine by me. But the big team is a huge part of halo that widely gets ignored

I agree. my fav moments are with like 6 people in BTB

Okay, here is my BTB Event Gamemode pitch.

It is KOTH.
Everyone is only equipped with Gravity Hammers and Golf Clubs.

I just want Big Team Slayer matches to count as Team Slayer matches. There’s really no reason they shouldn’t.

We really just need to stop having playlist specific challenges. It’s either a permanent set of challenges for game modes, weapons, etc like Halo 5 did, or no playlist challenges at all. It’s annoying having to participate in modes I don’t like to get something I sort of want.

There’s one reason I can think of

The word “big” lol

Can you imagine BTB challenges?

Get 10 rocket launcher kills, get 5 kills with the Scorpion. Ugh. Nah.

Yes, we need BTB challenges / events. So far I think there has been 1?