Big Team Battle completely unplayable

I’ve been attempting off and on for the last two days to get into a match of BTB, and so far, have only managed around three games. Before a game even starts, I get hit with the connection lost message, and if it’s not that, I get an error about a playlist issue, then if not that, I’ll get into a game, only to have three people on my team and then the server crashes for everyone.

I have not been able to get a regular match of BTB consistently in days, is anyone else having this problem?? I feel like we have been discussing this for about a week now but haven’t heard anything from 343.

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It’s on their list of stuff to fix on the Halo Support site - hopefully soon

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Hopefully, cause its getting pretty ridiculous to find a stable match now :confused:

i found 2 stable matches out of the 3 tries. (i needed 2 BTB wins and both matches i won)

Only weird thing is that both matches were 10v10 and not 12v12

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Apparently they’ve changed it to 10v10 for stability, I’ve not seen the source of this yet though,

Not weird, they did that on purpose yesterday to try to address some of the issues. They only announced that change on the Halo Support twitter account though.

Ah okay, thanks. That explains it. I hope they can change it back soon. I kinda liked the 12v12 and with 10v10 stockpile is getting a bit more who can run the quickest since its getting a bit to ‘empty’ for firefights

I gave up on the sniper coating last week because I couldn’t get into a match or got bans for being booted or crashing out of them. If by some miracle I got in a match without being stuck in the loading screen, one or both teams had maybe 5 players if they were lucky, because everyone else got stuck in the loading screen or crashed. They made a post about it and they talked about it in their livestream podcast. Apparently they’ll get around to fixing it sometime after the new year, so yeah, expect BTB to work in February. Luckily they dragged and dropped all these other modes that were in custom games for us to play in matchmaking

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