big problem needs an update

First of all I apologize for my English, I’m French.
I come to you Halo 4 community but also among developers as I hope that consults this forum.
We French (European) we are experiencing the lag, slow and lag on multiplayer games to the point that our online experience suffers terribly.
9 out of 10 parts. We fall on parts:
Where the enemy teleports facing us,
Just where the enemy (mode slayer pro) fired a burst of BR to shoot us while we they we need a whole chargers,
Where there is an offset of some hundredths of a second to see one second between the enemy and ourselves.
343 Industries have an answer see a solution has brought the gaming community and EUROPEAN French?
Devont where we deserted the games by a total lack of respect to our interest?
When games such as Battlefield 3 has dedicated servers and regionalized, Why you always worked on servers and global hosting provider?
Hoping to get a response and hope that this matter is not removed as above.