Big, Medium, or Small Maps?

Would you prefer big, medium, or small maps to be added to Halo 4?

Big maps are best suited for 6v6 - 8v8

Medium sized maps are best suited for 4v4 - 5v5

Small maps are best suited for 1v1 - 4v4

Also take into consideration the size of the maps we currently have when making your decision. Thanks for participating! :>

we need good 4v4 slayer maps. haven is the only decent one right now

I agree, but I’d like to see small maps. Ones that won’t be too big for 1v1s or too small for 4v4s. For example, Lockout and Midship.

Well Halo still has a problem making long-range combat interesting, so I vote for more small maps.

Maps similar in size to Haven for mid party size. I love Regicide but playing it on complex… if I find myself on complex regardless of game mode, and especially if it’s a join in progress I just quit, I don’t even bother. It really is designed for a larger party size; I shouldn’t have to run around for a few minutes to find where people are camping.

A couple of small to medium size maps for SWAT.