Big issues since December 8th

Hey All,

So I had issues with my controller feeling right on steam but the game ran fine aside from the basic desync issues that we are all struggling with but it keeps asking me to sign into my xbox account again after every 2 games or so even though I’m already signed in. I want to avoid this, because I can’t do it with my controller; it forces me to use my mouse or keyboard, and I don’t want to trigger the aim assist glitch on my controller. I tried it on the xbox app recently and the game runs fine until it spawns me outside of the map at the beginning of multiplayer games and I’m stuck, unable to participate even though I can hear everything. Eventually it DC’s me for inactivity and I have lost about 50-60 xp in my Onyx rank due to this and it even banned me for a few minutes once. Due to this issue I tried to go back to playing it on Steam until this is fixed and now steam won’t connect to the servers when I sign it. It says Offline and multiplayer isn’t working right now so try back later, even though it still works on Xbox. I love the game but with these issues it is making it hard to enjoy at the moment. Has anyone run into any of these issues, and if so, has anyone found some quick fixes for now until they are patched?



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