Big Halo Announcement at Xbox Showcase

We can now fly the Pelican in game.

Oh… Wait… 343 thinks flying the Pelican is a bug.

Microsoft Flight Simulator thinks flying the Pelican is a feature.

No having fun in Halo Infinite. You have to go play a different game to do that.

343 needs to stop taking things out of the game that people enjoy.


To be fair, we’ve been asking for that since CE and neither Bungie nor 343 has implemented it. Or a drivable scarab. Why they dont give us what we want, i have no idea. And another thing… you’d think that 32 vs 32 wouldve been a thing by now for BTB. But its just too hard to do apparently. Maybe the older xbox really is holding everything back? Idk.


We technically got a flyable pelican in Halo 4. However, another Pelican mission (with actual dogfighting) would be nice. In fact, more aerial missions would be nice. Similar to Long Night of Solace, New Alexandria, or even Exodus.


How many players are on the map when playing Call of duty warzone?


Pelican Smellican………Who cares

Another Gimmick……


Well it is a bit op if there is not one available for the opposing team. That is campaign and campaign only. But I get what you mean because lets get real, the scarab is bad -Yoink!- along with the pelican.


32 v32 is the last thing i want in btb.
Bigger does not mean better.


Imagine this… On the ground, we have a few fire teams engaging in small arms fire. In the center of this conflict, a mechanized squad; 3 scorpion tanks followed by a couple of brute choppers. Theyre engaging a wraith, an opposing scorpion, a ghost, and a couple of warthogs. A team of snipers is providing over watch for the small squad going in to secure the flag while the mechanized units engage. Mean while, up above in space, there is a dog fight between banshees and wasps. Pelicans are continuously flying in to provide drop pods and more vehicles. Explosions every where, bullets flying in all directions, bags being tea’d. Compare that scenario to what big team battle is now. BTB is quick play with vehicles. I think BTB needs to evolve and turn into large scale warfare. Just my opinion.

Please dont push something I do not want on me.

I dont want that.
I didnt want warzone.
I dont want BR.

At most i want warfare.
Thats an idea that had potential.
Shame they took the concept superficially and made warzone.

The pelican thing in flight sim actually felt like a deliberate troll by 343. Seriously Microsoft, read the room


Ummm… Shutdown from Halo 4 had you starting the mission in a pelican. So that’s 1 from 343i… Oh and New Alexandria had an easter egg where you hit some buttons and fly a falcon through an arch and it would turn into a pelican. You can do the same for a banshee to get a phantom. That’s one for Bungie. Let’s see… Oh right and 343i added it to forge for the MCC. So that’s 1 for Bungie and 2 for 343i.

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That’s kinda how I felt seeing it. They know players want more dog fights. They know forgers will happily make them ourselves so look, just give us a functional model and a nice sized sky box and we can take it from there.

But nope. Since CE flying vehicles from the UNSC armory (Don’t @ me with the wasp. It was fun and cute but LBH Oni and Gauss Wasps we’re really the only two decent combatant style wasps). Or mega tanks like the scarab.

Maybe players WANT to storm Thier elite friends riding a scarab while they descend from the sky in a pelican and drop in to fight. Maybe there’s a large community that Enjoyed games like Invasion where a last ditch effect to gun down a fleeing pelican/ phantom via the same opposing vehicles is something players would LOVE to do.

But, 343 nor Bungie gave us those chances. Modders can do it and that apparently scares 343 since they went back on Thier word to allow mods for Xbox MCC.

Battlefield is on the Xbox One. I’m sure it could have Unreal Tournament 2004 if they put it in. The console is more than powerful enough to do it.

What i said wasnt a BR. It was a bigger Big Team Battle. I dont want a BR at all.

And i never said you wantdd a br.
Please for the love of mantle read before you respond.

I read every word. You said i pushed something on you. I never pushed anything on you or anyone. Relax.

@MaldyMaldy You clearly have to work on your reading comprehension then…

I said I did not want the thing. Made no effort to tell you to think other wise just expressed my own opinion

You opted to mansplain the thing you want, as if it would change something, despite it being very clear from prior post. Thus pushing the concept.
I responded saying I would appreciate you didnt do that.
Then explained I didnt really want any modes larger besides perhaps warfare.

You then claimed I said you wanted a BR, I had not.

So ya.
I do t want a bigger btb. I think it would suck. Thats my stance on the matter. Will not be taking questions.

32v32 would be an amazing game mode but as its own thing designed around the player count not using btb maps or modes basically id love for them to make a battlefield style warzone or bring back warzone

Look in my opinion, infinite needs something new. Youre entitled to your opinion, but as of now big team battle feels lacking. Like the poster above me said, a bigger game mode would be nice if it was its own thing. I didnt know how else to describe it other than a “bigger big team battle”. Im not pushing anything on you. Just wanted to describe my idea to you. No need to be so adamant. You almost sound offended and i apologize if it seemed like i was being brash about the idea. Besides… its not like my ideas are ever going to happen anyway.

I never denied that. Actually shared my ideal form of just that.

I know im entitled to my opinion. That’s the nature of opinion my friend.

I mentioned the bigger gamemode id like to see.
But a bigger btb aint it nor does it bring enough new to be worth the time or money when it quite clearly wont compete with contemporary modes of that nature imho.

It was self explanatory.
You shouldnt assume that someone who expresses an opposing view is doing so merely because they are ignorant of the alternative of lack the imagination to consider it.

As you said im entitled to my opinion. I wasnt being adament in the least. Im willing to change my mind in the event theres something interesting added to make me see it as worth while. But as stated it was self explanitory and you didnt provide anything to make me consider an alternate view.
Rather just over explained a concept I had already stated, I did not want.

Not offended in the least!
Struggle to convey tone in text, its a distinct weakness I have, I tend toward verbal/visual in person communication.
I dont tend to be offended by strangers on the internet as a general rule.
Im just direct when I speak. I dont beat around the bush as it wastes my time and others to do so.

NEVERsay that. If you have an odea you believe in there is always a way.
You dont need the halo liscence to persue the concept just dedication.
Saw a yt vid by cantina recently that lamented industry trestment of devs that made me sick enough to unsub.
Essentially saying, “I cant achieve change. So why try?”

In the past decade. Ive changed how 2 businesses train their chefs, moving away from the “Roux” method to a far healthier and supportive model. Weve seen higher staff retention than ever and have seen multiple chefs leave to establish successful new businesses that have in turn spread this safer methodology of training and staff treatment.

Ive been involved in campaigns that allowed my community to be married.
Trans people to have formal acknowledgement by my former campus.
Get suffering people access to life changing formerlly unlegislated of criminalised medications.
Started a small studio that to this day has not seen a single day of crunch for their games or animations or used temp staff.
All my staff in any business im associated with are folly ci tracted and protect from me taking advantage be it intentional or not.
And i currently am working part time on my dream game(small scope years of preplanning and research) and a visual novel while running a kitchen and tutoring in philosphical logic and arguementation.
Im a lazy under achiever most my life and even i dont believe my ideas cant be made real.

Give that feed back, share ideas, HEAR what people respond with.
If one says they dont want it, accept it, but dont be deterred.
Half the battle is finding you market and building or joining the community yiu need to support those ideas.
Defeatism is simply the belief of being defeated, a theology of not trying and therefore never succeeding.

You can learn unity in month and launch that BTBTB sleeper hit in under a year. Just need to start and ise the plethora of amazing free resources we have at our collective disposal.
The only truely worthless idea are those you keep hidden and unused.

EDIT: @FathomKnight nah. Not interesting in the least to me. Btb works because of the cap imo.
But yes a warfare mode is a great shout.
If that isnt a term you are familiar with please google “halo2 warfare” or listen to the halo 2 artifacts podcast I believe they covered the topic again in that and obvious max is a better source than any on halo 2 mp.

Edit2: @MaldyMaldy the video in question https://***

***= you