This might sound a bit toxic, but GOD; I had a lot of issues on my Halo 3 ODST experience. The overall content is good, but it has a lot of things broken.

First of all…the co-op campaign.

Yesterday I played it with a friend on legendary, and we had a lot of issues. Very laggy servers, low fps (we had capable PC´s), and bad performance, also the game killed us some times, there was a bugged brute on Tayari Plaza. The optimization is so bad…it almost felt it was not yet ready for release. A checkpoint that we made on Mombasa Streets didnt worked, and we had to do all from zero. And on Uplift Reserve it made a bad respawn, putting us away or in random places.


I lost most of my theater recordings that we made during the campaign, and I couldn´t open the Coastal Highway one.

Overall glitches…
On Halo 3 ODST Firefight the servers are bad, it puts me away most of the times (and I have a good internet connection).
The oppening text has some part bugged and cut from one moment to another (not like in the 360)
The audio gets buggy a lot of times.

This was all narated from my experience on the PC port.
I hope they fix this on a future patch, because the experience was as crap as hell…and it didn´t felt complete. Hope my feedback is useful.