BIG glitch. needs fix. NOT THE COUNTER GLITCH

Before I got Spartan Assault on the Xbox One I got it on the 360 and I got all the achievements for the game. When I first jumped on Spartan Assault(for the Xbox One) a ton of achievements instantly unlocked because of my previous play through on the 360. I just unlocked all the achievements on the Xbox One and it says I only have 730 out of 1000. All the achievements that instantly unlocked aren’t registering. this needs to be fixed.

*update- just try’d the “Draetheus V Archive code” for the classified section and it said i didn’t have the required achievement from spartan assault even though i have ever halo achievement in Spartan assault for the Xbox One and 360 not to mention that I have every halo achievement up to date

Some of the achievements won’t unlock automatically and you’ll have to unlock them again manually. For example, to get the Overrun achievement, you have to complete mission A-5.

As for the Draetheus V archive, check out the following wiki article. Notice that there are two Flying Colors codes, one for Xbox and one for Windows. Make sure you are using the Xbox code and not the Windows codes.

I looked at MrGiggleButts achievements via Xbox One Smartglass. He has all 30 achievements unlocked, yet Smartglass shows a total of 22 achievements and 730 GS. Since the achievements have unlocked, this would be an Xbox One issue, beyond 343’s control. I had this happen to a friend and eventually the achievements synced correctly. I would suggest quitting and restarting both the Achievement app and Spartan Assault periodically. Hopefully that will cause a sync. Otherwise, you can tweet @XboxSupport.

Vektor0 is right about the codes. Nice link, BTW. To use Flying Colors, you need to have an Xbox One or 360 mission on your Service Record, which you do have. So the Flying Colors code should work for you.

Hi MrGiggleButts,

This sounds like an issue with Xbox Live and thus is out of our scope. We recommend you reach out to Xbox Support in one of the follow ways:

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