/BrotherHood Of God: Data Base
We are a strong United family. But with every family there are problems. These problems make us even stronger. Our loyalty, strength, and wisdom meets no ends. Today we ask of you, do you want to protect the community from those who would bully the weak? Do you wish for a place to have fun and not be bullied or harassed? If you wish to do any or all of these things, join us, join the BrotherHood Of God. We are not perfect! But we will give you are all. In return that’s all we ask from you. Stand with us and protect our home, no matter the cost.
Clans start: 2004
Leader: Father Prophet
Co-leaders: Brother MJ16, Brother Wisdom, Blaze54098 Nutemarearbiter and Brother Zealot
Requirements: Lvl 50 or above. Microphone. (Or at least great listening skills through your television) Be as active as possible, and finally be respectful to your new Brothers and Sisters!