Better Zoom Sensitivity Categories

Is there a way to setup the sensitivity easier? Currently it is quite complicated to go to the weapons Drills to verify which magnification a weapon has or trying to guess every weapons zoom magnification measure during a live game or training drill.

  • 1.4x
  • 2.5x
  • 3.0x
  • 5.0x
  • 6.0x
  • 10.0x

The magnifications listed in Settings > Controller or M&K > Zoom Sensitivity menu is quite helpless. By memory, do you know the magnification in the MA40 AR? It’s 1.4X if you are new or a veteran coming back to the game, you probably would not have an idea which one is. Fortunately the visor will tell you the magnification when you press the zoom button/trigger, but you have to do it every time you grab a weapon you are trying to modify the sensitivity.

What about the S7 Sniper? It has a 5.0x and a 10.0x (also the visor will give you this). But what about the Stalker Rifle and the rest of energy rifles available, they don’t show any magnification text.

My point is, please Devs, could you please add plain information in the Settings Menu, like:

1.4x - Selected
Text in the right bottom of the screen: (Used by gun1 and gun2 and gun3…)

Or at least, just add the magnification and/or details in the weapons list in the Weapons Drills menu instead of a useless description in the bottom.

Please avoid make the user to load a complete game match to try to guess the magnifications details.

My 2 cents. Game is awesome, progression level needs work (I know you made some changes but it is not enough, imo) and can’t wait to play the Campaign.

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