Better weekly reward

I’ve noticed the weekly rewards are always logos? Why? Why can’t we get some good cosmetics? like the cat ears? the cat ears would have been something to actually work for… these logos are hardly worth it.

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There was a visor, armor coating and sniper rifle coating too.

I agree they could do with actual armor pieces though to make it more worth our time.


No a huge fan of the emblems especially weapon, armour and vehicle. I don’t mind the nameplates as much or the backdrops. Although I would prefer some armour, visor or coatings.

I really like the Sniper coating we got.


Because then you wouldn’t have to buy them :wink:

Yeah they could definitely improve the weekly rewards. Some more spartan cosmetics and weapon skins would be nice. Emblems and titles aren’t horrible but its not really something worth grinding for personally. Hopefully these get a little better in the future.

343 talked about this over their pre-holiday stream, and I think in a different video, about how “does a backdrop or emblem reaaaaally motivate someone to grind the weekly challenges?” and they were vaguely implying mockery of the Scoreboard backdrop that week. They’re likely looking into making better stuff down the road, but there’s already a list of upcoming weekly challenge rewards. These might change though.

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And the weapon logos look terrible, you can barely see them I especially like the CoD ones you can see them perfectly.