Better ways to improve customization

By far Halo Reach has the best customization in Halo games in my opinion, so maybe y’all should use that to see what y’all can add in the future.

1) Colors you can pick yourself. There are colors in the game, but those are like a preset rather than letting us pick the color palette that we want. I think preset should still be in the game for those people who like those colors more, but I also think letting us pick our own palette too would be awesome, better even. So let us pick our own custom palette but don’t remove the preset palette either.

2) Better Emblems. Now there’s only one emblems we could choice, how about adding background emblems too? With 2 combined it’ll make the emblems that much more unique from each players.

3) Better Banner. Let there be like its own separate banners for us to choice, do not let it be linked to the emblem. That would make it even more unique.

4) Multiple attachments. Let us pick multiple attachments to our helmet. And I don’t mean give us an helmet with those attachments, I meant let us pick what attachments we want for our helmet. Multiple too, not just one cause there can be on both sides, as well as the top kinda like in Reach but better, cause in Reach we couldn’t manually pick multiple attachments unless it was all in one options, so this time let us choose manually for each sides instead.