Better Way to Stop Cheaters, No Free To Play

343 wants to fight against cheaters yet the anti-cheats either don’t fully work or they take away key elements to try and “fight” cheaters. (Red Reticle Take Away) Yet, the lack of common sense or the idea of this hasn’t kicked in yet apparently. Take away Free To Play to fight Cheaters.

How will this fight them? I don’t know, if that person is banned they not only have to make a new account but also have to fully rebuy the game again, again and again. Making a game free to play is just opening the door for a cheater to, at this point, test to see how long it takes until they get banned. Forcing a person to constantly spend more money to play the game again after they get banned for cheating, at some point they will either stop trying to it will slow them down drastically.

Although, currently with the price of Infinite Multiplayer doesn’t even seem FTP and the battle pass doesn’t help with that either. 343, you wanna fight cheaters? Better solution that takes less time, Take Away Free To Play.


Halo Infinite is a FTP game, that does leave a sour taste in my mouth. But cheaters, for me (so far) are not my concern for this game. The many glitches, missing features, yet to be seen modes, and more maps, are what need to be worked on.


Obviously that would help with the cheaters… Did you think this was some big revelation or something?


Unfortunately changing their business model this late, especially after earning thousands of dollars through the store til date, is not an option. If they had only just left Halo Infinite as a “Beta” until Dec 8, THEN made the switch to pay to play, it would have still been a okay. If they switched now, I can only imagine the backlash from the games industry.

Needless to say, they should have never implemented a F2P model to begin with especially seeing how badly they handle it. And this doesn’t mean Infinite couldn’t have been a F2P game: 343 or MS is just utterly inept or not prepared to support such a business model.

I believe f2p is not to blame, it goes back to 343 at the end of the day. They are not prepared for this at all. The best thing they can do now is work on a working Anti Cheat and go into a battle of attrition against people developing hacks. But you know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon because heck, they can’t even get their desync issues sorted.


i think there not have done much research about the good and bad effects from the F2P formule good.
since there most know that shooters game’s with a F2P formule get more and more problems with cheaters and hackers and a anti cheat software is not going to fix the problem at all.

and to make things also more worse there also add the Force crossplay system in it.
that means for console gamers is it double the bad luck there get.
since in the first place there not wane play with the PC platform at all since thats the reason in the first place we have this cheating problem at all.

since F2P game + Force Crossplay = making the game only bad.

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It is for 343 because obviously they haven’t thought or considered it.

The current game isn’t even the final build. Unless what I’ve seen pop up on the internet is fake, the current branch build of the game is labeled as “Halo Infinite Flight Beta.”

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The thing is most fully complete games are $59.99 with both Campaign and Multiplayer. Halo Infinite is also $59.99 with just campaign alone and it’s campaign isn’t even that long if you just do the main story. Really, you are paying for a full game except you can play the multiplayer for free. I understand that they’d have to change their business model but at the end of the game it is one of the bigger ways to stop cheaters.

Plus, the current build/branch of the game is apparently labeled “Halo Infinite Flight Beta”. I don’t know how true that is but with the people who know how to look at the files/coding of the game on pc it may be true.

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Being that MP is f2p 343 basically invited them, and it doesn’t matter what they say. Not that I trust anything they say at this point knowing how they have lied about infinite for the last 6 years.

Either way they made things a hell of a lot worse for the player base and themselves being fully aware players can make multiple accounts.

Was it really worth ruining the concept of Halo for the sake of a buck?

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Again this is super obvious.

You might as well suggest to Netflix that they transition from a subscription service to rental service as a way to cut down on account sharing.

this is something we have told then few years ago all that F2P means more you ask for cheaters to come and play this game.
and the same thing to make it more worse not only for the PC players that play legaal there make it more worse for the console players also with there force crossplay so that the console players now share the cheating problem also when its only happing on 1 platform more.

so in the end there destroy it also for the console players the same time.

this is something 343 needs to learn from other game’s like warzone make not the same mistake what there have done sadly.

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Yeah and they could’ve added ability to turn off crossplay for console players so we wouldn’t have to deal with it in the first place

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Yeah and they could’ve added ability to turn off crossplay for console players so we wouldn’t have to deal with it in the first place

What do you think about the idea of having to play 25 games to play ranked, solution?

I had to laugh at this bit ‘ to have anti-cheat be as unobtrusive and invisible as possible’ my initial and comedic reaction was they probably don’t have one. But must keep positive!

its the worst decision for any console player.
1 cheater is for a console player all a big problem.

but sadly we have to deal with the cheater problem also thanks to the force crossplay system.
crossplay is the worst system there have found out since its give’s only more and more problems then doing good more.


Nah, buddy. Once you go ftp, you cannot go back. They could introduce a trust system that places hackers with other hackers once they get caught.

It’s fine to speculate logically as to why this would work, but it’s another to make a claim that it does without an example of it working in practice.

Can you give a few titles where this fixed the problem or deterred cheaters because of price point? All I’m asking for is a single multiplayer title that cheaters avoid due to the price tag.

Because I sure as hell can’t think of a single title that uses cost of entry to deter cheaters.

Agreed, but it’s not the only issue, there is another problem with crossplay system that others aren’t really talking about.

So majority of the time when you get matched into a 4v4 playlist the game predominantly matches you against 2 console players and 2 PC players. So you are always playing with pc players from console perspective.

The other main issue is that the crossplay layer has added latency (lag) specifically with the PC players, and it’s a noticeable amount.
A lot of people chalk this up to desync but this is different. It is present all of the time and it has been like this since day one.

It’s very obvious in the same game because you can put a few rounds in to full health console players and they go down easily but pc players take double if not triple the amount of rounds to put down and most of the time end up killing you in some bs manor.

Destiny for example had this exact issue when they launched crossplay between PlayStation, it was horrific and I stopped playing because of it. Same situation here.

It did occur to me it could be something to do with the region/country of the matched pc player but ultimately it’s too consistent all of the time for that to be the case, and I’ve checked players and they’ve been from the UK like myself, but have still been heavily lagging.

So to me it’s plain to see this added latency is caused by the crossplay layer (the connection between platforms)

I’ve played with a lot of console players and we are very well versed with the understanding that when there is bs going on it’s 99% of the time a pc player in the match. It’s beyond frustrating and 90% of my friends have left this game because of it.

Why would PC players be the reason for lag in game?

It’s not the PC players themselves it’s the crossplay layer that connects the two platforms causing the added latency.