Better Sniper?

The question just occurred to me…

OOHHH THIS IS A GOOD QUESTION… Well I would say Jun since he is a spartan III and they have upgrades.

Why not Linda?

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> Why not Linda?

Linda seems a bit too easy. If you read the EU things on her, she is simply outrageous. Master Chief once said she shot 2 elites in the head so fast he couldn’t tell which she took down first. She also once dangled off a piece of a spaceship and sniped banshee pilots out of their vehicles during a space battle.

True, should’ve named it Who is the 2nd best Sniper?

Jun would be the obvious choice pre-New Blood, because of his augmentations. But Romeo’s a S-IV now, and is wearing Deadeye, which probably makes him better.

Wait…Master Chief isn’t the best at everything?

I’ve been lied to my whole life! ;(

He’s saved the galaxy so often he must be the bestest