Better Rocket-Launcher

Alright, the one thing I dislike about Halo (Reach) are the Rockets. On Halo: Reach, if you lock-on to an enemy Falcon, the rockets will travel slow and, 70% of the time, miss their target. Now I don’t know why Rockets that are five-hundred years in the future are worse then ones today. But in Halo 4, they need to be better! I am sick of wasting four of my rockets because one after another missed.

I propose two possible solutions for Halo 4.

One: They make the rockets that lock-on to aircraft faster, much faster. BUT, it would take a minimum of TWO hits to destroy the aircraft. One rocket to kill a Banshee-type vehicle, assuming that vehicle can flip and roll.

Two: Give us an independent missile launcher. This can have two firing modes. Lock-on and fire-by-wire. With the lock-on, it will travel extremely fast and, as above, will take two direct hits to destroy an aircraft, one for Banshee-type vehicle. With fly-by-wire, you determine where the missile goes by aiming your reticule. This is a more precision type mode and if you get a direct hit, it will destroy the aircraft. Another option would be to release your trigger and the missile will detonate in the air and cause a EMP explosion, disabling the aircraft and causing it to crash. The aircraft would survive the crash, but disable it for around… three seconds.

What do you all think?

I actually liked the ones in Halo Reach. If we make the Rockets stronger, Air Combat would we non-existent. And it’s pretty easy to shoot down a Falcon. I don’t know, just my opinion.

I think they should keep the Rocket Launcher as is and re-introduce the missile pod or something of that sort. That thing wrecked vehicles in capable hands.

Halo 2’s Rocket Launcher was perfect. The lock-on worked and was visually appealing, the rockets traveled fairlyquickly, it looked nice… <2

> I actually liked the ones in Halo Reach. If we make the Rockets stronger, Air Combat would we non-existent. And it’s pretty easy to shoot down a Falcon. I don’t know, just my opinion.

It’s easier to shoot down a Falcon with a DMR or Sniper Rifle, which is pathetic and unbalanced.

How about we weaken the damage and area of effect of the rocket launcher, and improve the lock-on?

The removal of the rocket pod and giving the rocket launcher lock-on abilities was a risk, to say the least. In H3, the rocket pod was possibly a little over powered. The exact number of rounds escapes me, but it could fire quite a few very fast. On top of this, it had an instant lock-on to all vehicles. The Rocket Launcher could only fire two, but I believe they were more lethal and could more accurate when not locked on.

In Reach, the rocket launcher gained a very poor lock-on ability, gravity was added to unlocked shots, and the rocket pod was removed. I personally hate it.

The rocket pod was definitely overpowered. But without it, the rocket launcher fills too rolls and it is spread rather thin. Without instant-lock on, Banshees run rampant (oops, forgot about DMRs) and the slightest mistake in aim causes you to start all over. Meanwhile, flag carriers on mongeese and rampaging Warthogs are gone without a chance of stopping them (oops, again forgot DMR). Also, it’s nearly impossible to gage the distance between you and your target and the newly-gravity-affected shots are very hard to use.

So what’s the right balance? I say bring back the missile pod, but give it a slower firing time and maybe a lock-on timer. However, I would give a very large grace area around the reticle and actually display how long until the lock (sometimes in Reach it takes longer than others). The rocket launcher should go back to functioning without gravity effects (really, I’m pretty sure that they could negate gravity today, let alone 500+ years from now). Also, I like OP’s idea of the point-and-guide mode, but maybe that would be part of the missile pod? While we’re at it, why not SWBFII’s Chewie missile? :slight_smile: