Better queue system

I’d like to see the MCC method of queuing where you can choose the gametypes more. I’m really tired of slayer instead of objective games.

Yes, I really wish they would copy Titanfall 2 in this regard. As far as I’m concerned there should only be two “playlists”: ranked and unranked.

After selecting the playlist, you can select which game types you’re willing to play. This would be a huge help to players like me that only want to play objective games most of the time. In every past Halo game, the objective playlists population decreased drastically after the initial game launch, and only the Slayer lists were viable, even though I suspect that many Slayer players would be willing to play objective once in a while (and those who don’t want to would simply not select it). An advanced feature could be the ability to weight your selections or order them by preference.

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Mad respect for the TF2 callout. I wholeheartedly agree.


This is a great idea. The MCC does it similarly, where you can choose based on gametype and match size, but the titanfall method is incredible and does pretty much the same thing

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