Better not kill off Cortana!

Halo is 3 things!

the Halo installation

The Master Chief


Your already removing the Halo installation (which i understand, time for something more… fascinating and spectacular!) BUT Still, still, Cortana and the master chief are the 2 staples of the Halo Franchise! DO NOT kill her off!

Suggestion and Advice:

Find away through Forerunner Tech to prevent her rampancy all together! i mean… FR AI’s last up to 100 000 years or more!

DO NOT kill Cortana! or make her an Enemy… for long at least! Let the chief talk her down or something…

Maybe a Obi-Wan Kenobi thing can happen. He dies but lives on through the Force. Cortana dies but lives on through whatever Forerunner mystical thing there is.


I can help but feel cortana might die

i doubt she will…in this game at least.

> i doubt she will…in this game at least.

Yeah, I think she’ll die at the end of Halo 5. With Chief dying at the 3rd to last level of 6.

This one of those things I’m rather curious about. Can’t wait to play the campaign.

That’s for 343i to decide… If they want to take her life(sounding dramatic here:P) they can… And they will…(again… being dramatic)

Talk sense to a women… There is something wrong here…

343 Industries killed Halo. Not only Cortana but all of Halo. It wont be the same without her. And what is the Master Chief new job since she’s “gone”? I bet Bungie wouldnt have killed her off.

Hope she dies.

I, for one, am glad shes gone. Time for change, time for something new. Bravo 343i, bravo.

Just as she gets hot, BAM dead. Let’s hope there’s a fragment left of her on Requiem that can be recovered.

Who is bumping all these old threads?

I agree. They can’t kill Cortana. She is too important to be gone. :frowning: