Better installed? An what's the deal

For whatever reason back in the day the bungie tyrants said it was better not to install Reach. They mentioned something about improving online gameplay.

Do you think 343 has better designed Halo 4 to work better Installed?

An what’s the deal with all the fuss about invisible rank? I thought They designed it to work off waypoint so rank is a thing between friends.
Boohoo no boosters are gonna be able to show off their inheritor metal.

By having an invisible rank it takes out the fear factor for noobs, I’ve never had an uber high rank but I could smear a few genuine inheritors from time to time.

Anyone have any idea what the control layout is gonna be like? My Halo skills have Rusted up due to Borderland’s unorthodox control config, and I’ll need to beat down a few hundred noobs to get back into any Halo control setup.

I’m stuck somewhere between default-and-recon layout in Halo Reach.


Halo 3 & Halo 3 Mythic were the games you shouldn’t install to your hard drive, they were made before the Install to HDD function existed so in the end they worked worse.

Halo: Reach allows faster map loading and a general smoother experience on Reach.

Halo 4 will be the same case.

Most, if not all, games are better installed. You have to install the 2nd disc regardless, however.

Your SR is shown, I think, but not your Trueskill “number” rank. So SR-25 is my rank, but doesn’t show my skill, for example.