Better indicators of unlocked items

As items are unlocked I can’t seem to locate where those items are located. There is no indicator to show that this armor has this customization available. Even if it is just an orange dot or something leading the way that goes away once you look at the new item. Anyone else seeing this issue? Or is it not much of an issue so far because people aren’t unlocking things very quickly.

Sadly it’s probably this

I wholeheartedly agree with this. There needs to be an indicator of newly unlocked items. COD simply uses a green dot in the corner of the menu to indicate “hey, you’ve unlocked something new here.” It’s so simple yet so rewarding for the player. This is just one more thing that has made progressing through Infinite unenjoyable at the moment, and I may be wrong, but I’d think this would be one of the simplest additions. Please consider this, 343.

I didn’t pay for the battle pass until I heard about the quick fixes (eff me I guess though because the fixes made progression weirder) and it showed me because I was already around level 7 that a handful of customization rewards unlocked. Took me way too long to figure out where they were and which armor cores they applied to.