Better forge world(s)

Forge world was an amazing idea, but there was one issue with it.

Yep it was the scenery. As beautiful as the scenery is (Good job artists by the way) it’s just not the kind of place you could see yourself killing Spartans. Elites and Grunts yes, but not other Spartans.

This guy has the right idea
This guy does too

There needs to be a forge world for Desert, Snow, Highlands (with forest), Plains, and Jungle.

Even add them onto a Halo array backdrop. Just not installation 04, we know that there are other Halo’s each with different climates and it would be cool to see some kind of planet while your on the ground.

Finally, add NIGHT and RAIN as SPECIAL EFFECTS. This would be such a blessing, we could finally make infection maps that don’t suck, and give multiplayer that actual “Multiplayer” kind of feeling it deserves.