Better Female Bodies

Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5 had great feminine detail in their design. Infinite is severely lacking in this department. I can’t tell the difference between a male or female body. You need to address this issue. It’s unfair to treat your female player base like this.


I loved that it was an option when I played Reach with my brother for the first time. But now it’s like they’re saying you can’t be a badass spartan and look feminine at the same time, when Kat showed me before that I could. I can’t even choose to be pink anymore. I really hope they’ll do something about it but the silence makes me worried they don’t think it’s important at all, and I guess most of the people playing this game are guys so there’s not gonna be as much attention drawn to it. There might be a lot more important issues right now but it still kinda sucks because what we had before is just gone. :disappointed:


100%. The Halo lore is very diverse in the background of the Spartans. But, in game, Infinite is lacking the most basic choices you can make. All for the sake of mtx?


I don’t even see how lack of feminine Spartans helps with MTXs. Female gamers want to customize their Spartans too. At least I do, and so do the other female gamers I’ve talked to.


There are also plenty of guy gamers that, when given the choice, will select a female character.


The slim Type 1 body is so weird to me because they slimmed down the shoulders and waistline/belly a bit but didn’t shrink the chest armor around the ribs to match (making it float on everything but the heaviest body) and didn’t do anything with the shape of the legs. It’s like they got 33-50% of the way there and stopped.

I like that guy Spartans have their Reach-era bulk back but there is definitely a lack of a really feminine body in contrast.


Designer: “Not progressive enough.”


What I meant, instead of giving us full freedom to customize our Spartan, color and shape, 343 wants to charge us for every little choice. This hurts everyone.


I don’t understand, usually the progressive route is allowing players to have more gender expression in their games, not less.

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Perhaps they thought showing female body curves in game would be objectifying women.
That’s probably why male and female Spartans have to “share” the 3 body types in Halo Infinite.


That’s a total reach my friend.

women and female sexuality are taboo in America. it won’t happen in our lifetimes.


What sexuality? Just having feminine bodies isn’t displaying sexuality.


Hi, female player here. Very happy with option 2 since I’m a 6’3 chick with a broad body.


I think it’s because these days showing a feminine figure is classed as sexist and objectifying women. The problem is by being “inclusive” they’re being exclusive. I think Reach and 4 did it best. Reach had the best body shape whilst 4 the armour actually fit properly. I also think it’s because it’d be a lot more awkward having a more feminine body with a male voice since they’re seperate, although I think they added the option in MCC as well. I’d happy just have thinner shoulders, thinner waist, thicker thighs and a but of a butt. Just something where if stood side by side I could tell at a glance. A slightly different walk cycle may be nice too but could be a bit much.


I’d honestly be happy if the armor actually conformed to the body shape. I know that some people will overreact to a more stereotypically female body (I don’t agree with their overreaction), and if 343 wants a less feminine body in their game, I could accept that. However, as is it’s very hard to tell the difference between body shapes since the armor doesn’t reposition at all.


I’m just gonna say, I’ll celebrate if they add it, but I won’t lose sleep if they don’t.

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In older Halo Games, I chose the female Character because I like the slimmer design. It felt a little more…“dynamic” compared to the bulky male Characters.

But those 3 options Infinite has to offer are literally a waste of developer time.
There is so little difference…why even bother to embed this option?


I’m not really a fan of some customization options in general, I find them a bit lacking

the voice choices aren’t the best & the body type doesn’t seem to change the Spartan figure much (the yoroi armor doesn’t even change at all when you toggle body type).


@LordDeath7783 No way. I love where it’s at. Feel like it correctly portrays what a female spartan that trains heavily for combat would look like.