Bets on "the weapon" chosen name?

Let’s hear them boys and girls

Do you think 343 is gonna be cheeky about?

Are they going to reference other poetry work or previous games maybe?

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Considering she asked “is it okay?” to Chief, and nothing more is said it’s heavily implied that it’s still Cortana. At least that’s my interpretation.


I am going with Biggus Dickus.


Yeah, her saying that really made me think it would be Cortana


That’s easy, Cor-tan-a is now Cor-tan-b.


Jeez I really hope not. After all that stuff about how the Weapon is not like Cortana and probably won’t try genocide, it would be pretty disappointing if she just took up that name anyway.

I will really hate that they named her Cortana, there is only one cortana haha hopefully they get creative

Naming her Cortana would be the same as naming her after the guy with the funny moustache who ran Germany into the ground back in the 1930’s-40’s. Cortana committed some serious war crimes.

Her name can’t be Cortana.

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Yeah it would be weird if she chose Cortana. Imagine Chief coming back like “Hey guys just me and Cortana here”

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The implication is probably that her name will be Cortana, Halsey, or something along those lines.
Also, I kinda doubt Microsoft is going to allow them to abandon the name Cortana when it is also their Siri… although, I think they have basically abandoned that project, so I could be wrong.

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Sounds reasonable to me.

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I dont mind her being named Cortana, OG Cortana basically sacraficed herself and stops her deletion allowing new cortana to take her place

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That would be Chief, she’d obviously be Incontinentia Buttocks

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its heavily implied that she’ll go by Cortana, which is boring in my opinion. She should’ve called herself something unique.

From the revelation she had when she realized she was a copy because only a copy could contain the original, to the OG Cortana’s realization that the infiltration AI was a direct copy of herself, to John’s last line saying “You get to pick your name”, which was a direct throwback to when John was first given Cortana,

The game made it pretty clear that she’s going to call herself Cortana. I’m not sure how I feel about that despite everything we learned but considering Infinite exists almost solely to do a soft reboot of the Halo franchise, I guess it makes sense. :man_shrugging:

It definitely feels like they are setting her up to take on the name Cortana, but, like others have said, considering Cortana had just waged a genocidal campaign to rule the Universe, broadcasting her name to all sentient life and proclaiming her self their Ruler and Protector, an AI that looks just like her, showing up with the Chief, using her name, might cause some consternation. We all saw how Echo 216 reacted when he first saw The Weapon and thought it was Cortana. Hopefully they do go with a new name, but, it looks like 343 is ready to ignore all the implications and just let her go by Cortana so they can have their “Spiritual Reboot.”

tfw she named herself Misses Chief

Seeing as she still calls herself “The weapon” after you beat the game, I am going to say she choose to keep her name as the weapon.

Since she asked Chief if it was ok I think we can all safely assume it’s going to be John

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She is obviously Cortana at the end of the game. That’s very clearly implied.