343 must remove BETRAYAL’S !!! These kid are so bored with the game that they try to ruin the game for everybody by jumping in front of anything that moves. They shoot at you all the time,then your shields are just about, gone the enemy shows up looks at you and ur dead !!! Then there’s the case of I’ll just get on the Wraith and when the operator firer’s they jump in front of the blast and then BETRAYAL happens and ur gone.Or if your the operator and there’s a shooter onboard and you crash the craft BETRAYAL ur gone !!! It takes away from the game and these jerks get off on it !!! Then you spend the next 10 to 15 minutes filing complaints!!! If your with a party you wait for them to get done playing so you can rejoin the party !! It’s gone way beyond the I want the sniper rifle you can’t have it complex !!.And on top of all that if you have a few of these things going on you could be put in HALO time out for 10 min’s.They say you quit to many times ya rite. 343 please do away with it like they do on the other warfare games !!! I’m an older adult that just loves HALO. These punks really ruin the game for me and many others!! Please take away the punks delight and make them play rite !! P.S. I just want to play !!