Betrayals messed up?

Long story short, every time I betray or get betrayed, the announcer will say what he says, but the message saying what’s happened wont pop up in the lower left corner.

Plus, whenever I get betrayed I don’t get the option to boot anyone. At one point, I was betrayed four times and never got the chance. Now, I know that Reach basically… well… rolls people over on the betrayals. But still.

Is my disk messed up or what?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum btw.

There is a weird system that decides when the boot option shows up, you just might’ve been unlucky in your betrayals I don’t think that has anything to do with the disc.

Not sure about the stuff in the left corner, maybe there was just too much death so it disappeared really quickly.

They are well messed up I was 1 kill away from a perfection I had my mark lined up in my sights & bang a so called team mate spawned on me & shot me in the back with a shotgun & I could not boot him then there’s other times u throw a grnad & a team mate comes round the corner u blow him up by no fault of ur own and get booted the other day a guy betrayed me on purpose twice I lost my cool & shot him back & I get booted I just don’t get how the betrayal booting works it makes nosence to me what so ever

You aren’t the only one with this problem, there are many similar threads in the matchmaking section of forums. From what I’ve discerned, the betrayal system works like karma. If you betray alot of people, and someone betrays you, you won’t be able to boot them. If you rarely betray, and someone betrays you, you get the option.

I’ve been betrayed a lot lately this past week and none of the times have I gotten the option to boot and I also notice that when other players are betrayed, the betrayer usually isn’t booted so I’m kinda thinking their is a system issue somewhere that just popped up recently.

Edit: Also when I accidentally betray someone like a grenade or even get this he walked into my DMR shot I’m not booted.