Betrayals and Bootings: Press X if You're Lame

First of all, let me explain why I’m discussing this:

Even if I haven’t been playing for multiple days, I sign onto Reach to find the “you’ve quit too many matches recently” pop-up. Every. Single. Day.

Thing is, I haven’t quit, or been booted, anytime recently. Even up to weeks prior to the last incident, I get this message.
So when some -Yoink!- decides “LOL HE STUCK THAT GUY IM GOING TO ASSASSINATE HIM” and I get a betrayal for it, I get booted. So I’m stuck sitting in the matchmaking lobby for 10 minutes staring at a screen, being punished for nothing I did. This is ridiculous, and I’m getting sick of it.

My first question is this: Is there any way around it, or am I just screwed?

There really needs to be a better way than this for work with betrayals and bootings.

IMO it should be like this:
-You get one betrayal, period. Even if all three of your teammates decide “hey, screw that guy.” Everyone should get one.
-If ANYONE on the other team was killed with the same shot, explosion, vehicle boost, etc. It shouldn’t give the option to boot.
-It should take into consideration what you killed with, take my mock situation above. Obviously if you killed the other person with a AR, it’s pretty clear you meant to kill them, whereas with a RL or sticky grenade, the teammate easily could have just been caught in the crossfire.
-It should also take into consideration how well you’ve been doing. If you’re +30, obviously your intention is not team destruction.

Does anyone else agree with me that it is far too easy to get booted in this game? And does anyone else have a good idea on how it could work for Halo 4?

Maybe exceptions.

If i stuck some one,count the kill to the stuck guy.

But,for example,if i have the sniper,i can boot.

I agree with the whole positive K/D going on, that isn’t took into account.

But I know the current system, once you do some damage to your team two times, and then you betray, they get the option.

So, if you are careful, and you shoot a bad rocket and you get an enemy and a team mate, and you didn’t fool with your team before…you have no need to worry.

But I think it should take into account K/D, I recall one time in Big Team, I had 30 kills, wasn’t sure of K/D…but I know it was pretty good. I was blue team, had rockets, it was Utopie, and you know way points are blue, right? Well I was at the shore, got a double kill on red team, but got an accidental betrayal because I couldn’t SEE him. I quickly said through the mic I was very sorry and we were like 3 kills away from the winning, red team was down big team.

Next second I was back in the lobby before the game was over. Gaahhh…

Of course back then I booted every time some random on my team without a mic did something dumb, now I just forgive every time no matter what unless I blatantly see what happened, like…they run over me with a warthog plain and simple. I think there is a sort of a karma system, the less you boot, the less they got the option to do anything on top of the three strikes system.

I think Bungie took all of these concerns into consideration when they designed the Booting feature. I think it works pretty well. Sure, its not perfect, but I think it does an exceptional job for what it designed to do. Would you rather suffer from being booted from time to time, or would you rather let randoms betray you relentlessly with no way to throw them out of the game?

But thats the thing, if everyone got one betrayal, it wouldn’t be a horrible teammate massacre. They could do it once, and that’d be it. There should just be simple ways to detect whether or not it was intentional, and I feel so far they haven’t done a very good job at doing so.

Again though, I’m just a big stickler on this since I get screwed if I get booted, most people don’t need to wait ten minutes every time.