Betrayal System Needing Big Improvments

So yesterday I got the the Mantis first in one of the new maps and someone on my team thought it was a good idea to repeatably throw sticky grenades at me because HE didn’t get the mantis. I had to literally stomp on him so he’d stop killing me, until he booted me for betrayal. But what could I do? He’s setting back the team, no doubt, because without the Mantis they are set at a disadvantage. It is people like this that make the multiplayer unpleasant at times.

The simple solution is to get rid of the friendly fire to vehicles because selfish people like the said person think they are entitled to it. I don’t know what else to do about it, but the system as a whole needs improvements.

I totally agree! No matter the vehicle if you get in it before someone they’ll always go out of their way and destroy it. It’s completely childish that they think they are entitled to it, but oh well. I just hope they turn off friendly vehicle damage soon.

Agreed. When they give you the option to boot seems to be random too.